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Horizon Consulting was founded in 2012 with an initial focus on Cyber & Information Security consultancy, extending and diversifying its services over the years also in other ICT and digital transformation areas.

The consultancy approach represents the true distinctive value of Horizon Consulting group which, thanks to its many years of experience and constant research and training, is able to propose a gradual and evolutionary path thanks to "tailored" services, organizational and technological solutions.


We believe that core values are the foundamentals for stimulating and guiding people that belong to it and contribute every day to its growth and reputation.

When people join Horizon Consulting group, they partecipate to a brand that aims for distinguish itself in the way it proposes itself and in how it operates.
Every person who joins in our team not only represents Horizon but becomes part of it because they contribute with ideas, motivation and committment to improve it.

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Board & Staff

A qualified and dynamic leadership.

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Leadership Team

A qualified and dynamic leadership.

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Quality & Information Security Policy

The Horizon Consulting Group Board identifies the implementation of the integrated Information Security and Quality Management System, according to ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001, as a very important stimulus to achieve the objectives of its business strategy.

The Horizon Consulting Group pursues the continuous improvement of its Quality and Information Security Management System by identifying the following principles:

  • recognizes that commitments made to its customers and all other stakeholders, exceeding their expectations constitute ongoing obligations for the entire company;
  • assumes as a priority the quality of the relationship with the customer, also recognizing the importance of relationships with suppliers and partners and their enhancement, with a view to common growth;
  • is committed to constant motivation and training of human resources;
  • recognizes the professional and human value of its employees as the company's assets and is committed to constant enhancement and promoting transparency of relationships;
  • recognizes that the quality is decisive for the realization of the company's business, and for the creation of value for its customers;
  • undertakes to plan, develop, update and communicate the objectives of the Quality and Information Security Management System in order to improve its implementation and compliance with applicable laws and regulations;
  • provides a fundamental support service to the company's Core Business through tools and means that are technologically in line with progress and maintain them in efficiency;
  • establishes roles and responsibilities of personnel involved in Quality and Information Security management;
  • periodically and systematically identifies threats, vulnerabilities looming over business objectives and information, assessing their risk exposures and implementing appropriate treatment actions;
  • trains personnel in the performance of activities so as to protect corporate assets in compliance with current regulations;
  • encourages the dissemination of the culture and awareness of data and information security and protection, especially the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data and information, among its employees, collaborators, partners and third parties regarding their roles and responsibilities in this area;
  • copes promptly, effectively and scrupulously with emergencies or incidents that might occur in the performance of its activities, also cooperating with third parties or appointed entities;
  • complies with the laws and regulations in force in this context, and in any case adheres to standards identified with a sense of responsibility and awareness, based on scientific principles and from risk assessment;
  • conducts monitoring and review activities, starting with the most critical ones, to update programs for achieving and ensuring this policy;
  • undertakes continuous review of the Integrated Quality and Information Security Policy to maintain its suitability and disseminate it along with its objectives;
  • ensures that all personnel at all levels understand its contents and are committed to abiding by it.


Consult the official certifications obtained by Horizon Consulting Group and its associated companies Horizon Digital and Horizon Security for its integrated management system according to ISO9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 requirements.

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Value added

Our consulting approach is one of the elements that most distinguish us.

In Horizon Consulting, in fact, we aim to establish a relationship of trust and lasting with our clients, offering our skills and experience in order to identify the most suitable solution for their needs.

Thanks to an approach based on maximum availability, flexibility and transparency alongside the client during all project phases, we are able to understand the organizational and business context and therefore define the best approach considering the client needs and budget constraints, the deadlines and concrete objectives to be achieved.


Perfect balance between
attitudes and goals

Horizon represents a privately held group of companies which started in 2012 from an idea of three founders that wanted to create a new italian ICT consulting company based on competence and "added value" consultancy.
We want to be promoters of the transformation and evolution of our clients, bringing real added value.

Our approach is primarly based on the client needs, where we stand alongside our clients by supporting them in addressing their goals.
Every person who joins our team not only represents Horizon but becomes part of it through passion, ideas, motivation and commitment that allow them to improve every day.

We value training, passion for work and professional ethics. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment, giving value to diversity.

We are used to work by objectives and we have adopted an "agile working" method based on trust and flexibility in order to satisfy also the work-life balance of our people. We significantly invest in training, corporate welfare, performance management and team building events during the year.

If this is your approach too and you find yourself in these principles, please take a look at our job opportunities and become part of a large team engaged in the development of Cyber Security and the Digital Transformation journey of our clients.



In order to adequately support our business growth, Horizon Consulting is constantly looking for motivated and passionate people to be included in our team.

If you meet the requirements, apply by clicking on the specific job position.
Alternatively, for a spontaneous application, click here.

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Our Digital Transformation consulting services are focused on ICT, Cloud, Network, OT & IoT contexts and innovative areas.

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Our Cyber & Information Security consulting services are focused on ICT, Cloud, OT, IoT contexts and innovative areas.

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